Ali Aydin’s ‘Küf’ Will Rip Your Heart Out, And That’s Exactly Why You Need To See It

A good story can leave you feeling full of a number of sensations – hope, wonder, excitement, anger – but sometimes a great story will leave you feeling completely empty and utterly alone. Such is the case with Istanbulli filmmaker Ali Aydin’s debut feature, Küf, and I mean that in a good way.


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The Films Of Michael Haneke

I’ve only ever “just appreciated” a film from Michael Haneke. While I did think THE WHITE RIBBON was a beautiful film, I think I escaped the inescapable beauty people attributed to it, and found it much more so in other films. The biggest sign that I wasn’t fall in love with one of this year’s Oscar favorites is that I didn’t immediately seek out Haneke’s entire canon for consumption. Despite my own uneducated opinion, he may very well have become “the most lauded living European filmmaker” on this side of the pond, and so now I feel a sort of ciniphilic (grammar police) duty to watch all of his films. What better way to embark on that adventure than by COMPILING A LIST!

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2013 Movies Without Release Dates (For Now): Hopes and Predictions

First, a sort of promise (to myself): I don't consider myself a blogger. Even if I did, I certainly wouldn't want to be one of those bloggers who tries to mimmic industry tabloids and vilify or praise Hollywood and off-Hollywood goings on as if I'm right in the shit of it, because I'm not. With that in mind, I can't form habits like making predictions or looking for connections and trends beyond my own viewing experience and film knowledge. Posts like this will be rare, and will only serve as a documentation of what I want to see.

Here are some movies – in no particular order – which have not yet (or, in some cases, have just) secured distribution, and I look forward to seeing sometime in 2013.

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Spring 2013 Movie Picks

I have two New Years resolutions pertaining movies in 2013. They are [1] watch more of them and [2] write something about them as often as possible. It’ll take me awhile to find the best system for scheduling my intake (most of which will probably consist of home-viewing, since there are also a lot of “classics” and tv shows I want to catch up on), but I figured the best way to start was to determine what I want to see ahead of time and write them down as a sort of to-do list.

In that spirit, what follows is a list of Friday releases now thru the end of April that I’m most looking forward to seeing. But first let me pitch the top-5 spring releases I’m looking forward to.

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New Sigur Rós Music Video Invokes a Sense of Disconnect

The Mystery Film Experiment has finally made the most obvious connection. One so obvious that it actually detracts. I’m only surprised they released eight videos before it happened.

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Watch ‘Alice In Wonderland’ For The First Time Ever

Cecil Hepworth produced this film adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice In Wonderland’ in May 1903. This is the earliest transcription of the story onto film – just 37 years after Carroll wrote his novel – and at the time it was the longest film to have been produced in Britain. Hepworth strove to be faithful to the original illustrations in the novel, making it one of the most complex productions of its time. Costumes were made or bought on the cheap and casting reached only as far as the people living near the studio. Even some predominant roles were filled by Hepworth’s own family – his wife playing the Queen of Hearts, their family cat as the Cheshire Cat, and Hepworth himself appearing as the Frog Footman.

BFI restored 8 of the original 12 minutes of the film…

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‘Kings Point’ Playing at IFC Center

Sari Gilman’s directorial debut, Kings Point is an endearing portrayal of the American Dream and those who pursued, it in their own way, back in the 1970s.

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